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Interior Painting
Interior Painting

There is nothing like having a new coat of paint on a room in your home or a complete overall of the entire interior of your home. Although interior painting may seem like a easy job, there are several things to think about when considering hiring your painting expert.

Moving Furniture

We will move all furniture in order to provide an ample working area. If applicable, furniture will be covered with plastic to protect it from sanding dust, paint, caulking, etc. When we are finished with the job, we will move the furniture back to the original position.

Filling Nail Holes and Minor Sheetrock Imperfections

It is our standard procedure to fill all nail holes from pictures, artwork, etc. Also, minor sheetrock imperfections (dents and dings) will be filled and sanded as standard procedure. Major sheetrock working (large holes, buckling cracks, tape separation, etc) can be performed but will be considered additional work and will require additional costs.

Wallpaper Removal/Painting

We can either remove wallpaper or paint over it. There may be an extra cost for the wallpaper removal and our owner will explain your options at the time of inspection.

Our experts will discuss all alternatives for your project.. Homes are a major investment, and we will do everything to ensure you are 100% safisfied.

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We offer the following servcies:
Exterior Painting
Interior Painting
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Wallpaper Removal
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Deck Restoration
Fence Staining
Wood Repair
Gutter Cleaning
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